As the primary vehicle for conveying monthly parenting material to our enrolled parents, elements of KinderKronicle have been discussed in We Are Needed and About Us – We Are Unique sections of this website. 

Our KinderKronicle prenatal issues cover the Image-Making Stage of parenthood, Months 1 through Month 22 provide information for the Nurturing Stage, Months 23 through 59 for the Authority Stage, Months 60 through Month 144 for the Interpretative Stage, and Months 145 through 204 for the Interdependent Stage. 

The National Academy of Medicine’s landmark 524-page published report titled Parenting Matters: Supporting Parents of Children Ages 0 – 8 strongly advocates for a national/universal parenting program. Our Begin with the Children parenting program’s study course responds to that need in a user-friendly, “bite-sized” way. If one orders a five-course meal in a nice restaurant, it would not be eaten in one bite. We view parenting as a “six course meal” that takes 17 years to consume. 

There follows Month 49 as a sample issue of monthly KinderKronicle issues: