Parenting is hard. We’re here to help you on your journey.

Parenting is hard. We’re here to help you on your journey.

Parenting is hard. We’re here to help you on your journey.

We Meet You on Your Parenthood Journey

Parents and expecting parents can enroll in the Begin with the Children parenting program. Once enrolled, you receive monthly parenting ideas, information and principles to help you along your parenting journey through these five stages of parenthood:

Image-Making Stage

During pregnancy, parents “form and re-form images” of the upcoming birth and the changes they anticipate. This is a period of preparation.

Nurturing Stage
Birth to 23 Months

This is a period of attachment. Begin with the Children gives parents a firm foundation of nurturing knowledge and skills before the Authority Stage begins at about age two.

Authority Stage
24 Months to 59 Months

When the child is between two years and about five years old, parents decide “what kind of authority to be.” This is a period of developing and setting rules and enforcing them.

Interpretive Stage
Ages 5 to 13

The Interpretive Stage starts around the time the child begins school and ends as they approach adolescence. In this stage, parents decide how they want to interpret reality for their children and more firmly decide on the values they want to promote.

Interdependent Stage
Ages 13-18 

The Interdependent Stage begins as the child enters adolescence and lasts throughout the child’s teenage years. This stage involves a lot of the same issues as in the Authority stage, reworked to fit the older child’s needs.

The Foundation is currently developing materials for parents in the Interdependent Stage. This will be the final phase of our parenting program.

My husband and I like that KinderKronicle is a consistent reminder—sometimes you blink your eyes and six months are gone and these reminders help keep us on track, ready to adjust, and have a plan.

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Enroll in Begin with the Children

Parents expecting the birth of a child as well as parents of young children are welcome to enroll in our free monthly Begin with the Children program.

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