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Nurturing Stage

Preview Month 6 & Month 15 of KinderKronicle

Month 6 

The way we think and communicate shapes our behavior and the environment we live in. When we think about and communicate with those around us with love, everyone ends up feeling safer and more likely to share feelings and experiences with each other. It’s easy to blame each other, pass judgment on other people’s behavior, and shame others for their incorrect actions. But this anger doesn’t improve the offending party’s behavior, and it doesn’t really make us feel better, either.


Month 15 

Each issue of KinderKronicle talks about ways to improve family relationships, and we often talk about the importance of goals. Why? Because effective leadership relies on empathy and respect, and good family leadership adds in the additional key component of love. If your relationship with your partner and your children is weak, then family leadership suffers, then fails. 

When couples nurture their friendship with each other, they remember why they fell in love with each other in the first place, and are more likely to “feel the glow” in their marriage.1 When you make and follow through on relationship goals to nurture your friendship, you will strengthen the bond between you and your spouse which, in turn, creates the necessary foundation for productive family leadership.


We like that the Program is simple and easy to use. I also appreciate the direct teaching ideas of how to be an effective parent. It is great to get a reminder of the principles each month in KinderKronicle. I really appreciate the assistance I have been given as a parent.

The Todd and Amy S. Family

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